DPCC White Category

DPCC White Category

DPCC White Category

DPCC white category industries required to submit undertaking in prescribed form along with applicable fee.  DPCC vide office order dated 10th June 2019 make applicable fee for white category industries and has stopped the free online registration. It came to light that a section of such units, operating from nonconforming areas, were misusing the facility to get themselves registered illegally without paying any charge.


DPCC Fee for White Category

Applicable fee for white category undertaking is 10000/- with effect from 10th June 2019.

List of Documents required for DPCC white category

  1. Pan Card of entity (Firm, Company)
  2. Pan Card of applicant
  3. Aadhaar card of applicant (mobile no. linked with aadhaar card must be required)
  4. Electricity Bill
  5. Water Bill
  6. Ownership Proof or rent agreement
  7. Product detail etc
  8. Capital investment in plant and machinery & land and building is required (CA Certificate not required)

How to obtain White Category Consent/Undertaking/NOC

Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the DPCC Department & will follows-up with DPCC Department. For more information contact our customer care on 9910000833 or info@eadvisors.in

List of units covered under white Category

  1. Copper metal parts, copper ware and utensils (without casting and reheating)
  2. Manufacturing of Corn Caps using Adhesive Strip
  3. Manufacturing of Metallic Bush (By using Electric Furnace) without Trade Effluent
  4. Assembling of lifts
  5. Agarbatti and similar products
  6. Agriculture equipments and implements including repair
  7. Arm Parts (Light Engg. Works)
  8. Assembling of Conveyors and Conveying equipments
  9. Assembling of other primary metal industries(e.g. cold rolled sheets, alloy sheets etc.)(Light Engg. Work)
  10. Assembling of power driven pumps and pumping equipments
  11. Assembling of sewing machines
  12. Assembling of sluice gates and gears
  13. Assembling of special industry machinery
  14. Assembling of steel chains
  15. Assembling of telephone equipments
  16. Assembling of tractor and agriculture machinery (power driven)
  17. Assembly and repair of electrical gadgets
  18. Assembly and repair of electronic goods
  19. Assembly and repair of sewing machines.
  20. Assembly of air coolers / conditioners, repairing and servicing
  21. Assembly of bicycles, baby carriage and other small non-motorised vehicles
  22. Assembly of domestic electrical appliances
  23. Assembly of Lathe machine
  24. Copper and brass art wares without casting / buffing
  25. Atta Chakkies(with less than 6KW Power)
  26. Bamboo and cane products(only dry operations)
  27. Brief Cases and Bags assembly (excluding plastic moulding)
  28. Brushes(without moulding)
  29. Buckets(other than plastic without galvanizing/pickling)
  30. Button clips and hooks(other than plastic), without electroplating and buffing
  31. I. Malleable pipe fittings without casting
  32. Canvas bags and holdalls making (cutting, stitching, assembling
  33. Carpentry (excluding saw mill)
  34. Carpet weaving
  35. Cement Testing without Trade Effluent Discharge
  36. Collapsible gates, railing and grills (light engineering work without phosphating)
  37. Contact Lens (without Trade Effluent)
  38. Batic works
  39. Belts and Buckles
  40. Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Pesticides without using Inorganic Chemicals
  41. Blending and Packaging of Tea
  42. Block Making for printing without foundry (excluding wooden block making)
  43. Book binding, embossing and photograms etc.(without printing)
  44. Brass fittings/Brass work(without casting / buffing)
  45. Brushes & Brooms
  46. Builders hardware(light Engg. Works only)
  47. Bulbs(battery) Assembly
  48. Button making, fixing of buttons and hooks
  49. Clay and moulding( without baking)
  50. Coir and jute Products (dry process only)
  51. Computer designing and data processing
  52. Concrete and Mosaic Products (without Trade Effluent Discharge)
  53. Cotton and woolen hosiers making ( Dry process only without any dying / washing operation)
  54. Cranes andhosits (Light Engg.work)
  55. Electric motor, transformers, generators and parts (assembly and repair, light engineering activity only )
  56. Electronic & Electrical goods (Dry process, Light engg. Work)
  57. Eucalyptus Oil (without Distillation of Wood)
  58. Fabrication (like trusses and frames) (Light Engineering Works)
  59. Fans (light engg. Works without casting)
  60. Fluorescent light fitting by assembly / neon sign boards (light engineering work)
  61. Fountain Pens by assembly only
  62. Framing of pictures and mirrors
  63. Glass Moulding without Furnace
  64. Glass work (Assembly type)
  65. Grinding (Engg. Work)
  66. Hand press (light engg. Work)
  67. Handicraft Items (without washing, dyeing, bleaching, painting, varnishing)
  68. Handloom weaving/handloom products (dry process)
  69. Handmade paper (without effluent)
  70. Hats, caps, turbans including embroiders ( tailoring)
  71. Hi-tech Areas – Computer hardware and software industry and industries doing system integration using computer hardware and software
  72. Hi-tech Areas – Industries integrating and manipulating the interfaces of the computers and telecom facilities
  73. Hi-tech- Industries providing the facilities for sophisticated testing of different or all computer of the information technology
  74. Hi-tech Areas – Photo composing and desktop publication
  75. Hi-tech Areas – Telecommunications and enabling services
  76. Hinges and hardwares without phosphating, electroplating, pickling & buffing (light engg. Work)
  77. Hobbing and machining
  78. Home Furnishing without Washing / bleaching / dying
  79. Household utensils welding, soldering, patching and assembling (light engg. work only )
  80. Hydraulic Press Manufacturing
  81. Ice boxes and body of the coolers other than plastic
  82. Ivory carving
  83. Key rings (without electroplating)
  84. Lace work and lace products
  85. Lamp & Burners without buffing and electroplating
  86. Lantern, torches and flash lights dry process, (light engg and assembly)
  87. Manufacturing of Carmel (Burnt Sugar) without Trade Effluent Discharge without boiler/furnace
  88. Cutlery (without buffing/electroplating/pickling)
  89. Cycle chain (light engg. Work)
  90. Diamond cutting and polishing work.
  91. Dies without casting
  92. Door shutters and windows (excluding saw mill)
  93. Elastic products
  94. Electric lamp shades, fixtures( light engineering work)
  95. Electric press assembling
  96. Electrical steel sheets and stampings (small scale) less then 1 crore
  97. Electronic equipments (Assembly)
  98. Embroidery
  99. Engraving
  100. Fire fighting equipments (light engg,. Work) without painting
  101. Garments stitching, tailoring (without washing / dyeing / bleaching and boiler)
  102. Gold and silver thread Zari work
  103. Groundnut decorticating (dry)
  104. Hi-tech Areas – Biotechnology
  105. Hi-tech Areas – Electronic goods
  106. Hi-tech Areas – Gems and jewellery
  107. Hi-tech Areas – Industries catering to the information needs of uses by providing databases or access databases spread throughout the globe
  108. Hi-tech Areas – Packaging
  109. Hi-tech Areas – Service and repair of TV and other electronic items
  110. Hi-tech Areas – Textile designing and fabric testing etc.
  111. Hi-tech Areas – TV and Video Programme production
  112. Interlocking and buttoning
  113. Iron grills and door making fabrication, (light engg. Work)
  114. Labels/ Stickers (without trade effluent discharge)
  115. Leather footwear and leather products excluding tanning and hide processing, colouring, spray painting
  116. Leather upholstery and other leather goods stitching only)
  117. Light Engineering work
  118. Locks (Light Engg work only)
  119. Machine Mfg. (Assembly only)
  120. Manual Mixing & Packing of Chemicals without trade effluent discharge
  121. Manufacturing of cork Sheet / Products
  122. Electric appliances (room heater lamps etc) Assembly
  123. Manufacturing of shoe brush & wire brush
  124. Metal letter cutting
  125. Musical instruments (Assembly)
  126. Name plate making (Light engg./ dry process)
  127. Nuts, bolts, pulleys, chains and gears (without hardening/tampering electroplating)
  128. Oil stoves, pressure lamps and accessories without electroplating, (Light engg. Work)
  129. Optical instruments (Assembly)
  130. Oxygen / Medical gases without bottling of by-product gases
  131. Packaging of Food Items without emission / trade effluent discharge
  132. Packaging of tobacco without using plastic material in any form
  133. Paper pins and U-clips
  134. Paper stationery items, cutting & book binding
  135. Photography goods (except plastic moulding) without trade effluent
  136. Precision instruments of all kinds (assembly)
  137. Pressure cookers (without buffing and anodinzing)
  138. Rakhee making
  139. Repair of small domestic appliances and gadgets (like room heater, room coolers, hot plates etc.)
  140. Repair of watches and clocks
  141. Rolling shutters (assembly / light engg. Work)
  142. Rope (cotton and plastic)
  143. Rubber Stamps
  144. Screw and nails (without plating, light engg. Work)
  145. Small machine and machine tools (assembly)
  146. Tobbaco Products without Raw Tobacco Processing
  147. Weaving of Calico and textile products
  148. Wire netting (without Metal Surface Treatment)
  149. Sports goods (dry process,light engg.work)
  150. Manufacturing of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Products (without using any Heating Equipment)
  151. Manufacturing of Fishing Hooks using Electric Oven
  152. Manufacturing of Industrial filter using electric oven for moisture removal
  153. Manufacturing of Katha without Distillation and without Trade Effluent Discharge
  154. Manufacturing of Mirror from Readymade Glass Sheets (without Trade Effluent Discharge)
  155. Manufacturing of Stainless Steel utensils (without buffing activity)
  156. Medical and surgical instruments (assembly)
  157. Metal containers without plating/without furnace /without buffing and spray painting
  158. Milk Cream Separators and mixers (Assembly)
  159. Milk Testing Equipments(Assembly)
  160. Mineralized Water / Water Treatment Plant without Effluent Discharge
  161. Motor winding works
  162. Musical instruments mfg. (light engg. Dry process)
  163. Packaging of Manufactured food items/ Manufactured Gift Item
  164. Paper cutting
  165. Paper Gum with cold process without trade effluent discharge
  166. Photo setting
  167. Photostat and Cyclostyling
  168. Powerlooms handlooms without dyeing and bleaching)
  169. Radio Assembling
  170. Rexine items (stitching only)
  171. Rings and eyelets without plating
  172. Sanitary Napkin
  173. Saree fall making (without trade effluent)
  174. Sheet Metal Fabrication
  175. Shoe lace
  176. Shoe lace mfg.
  177. Shoe making and repairing
  178. Speedometer (assembly)
  179. Stapler pins without plating & pickling
  180. Structural steel fabrications small scale less then 1 crore
  181. Synthetic Soap (Formulation Only) without trade effluent discharge
  182. Thermocol Manufacturing (without boiler)
  183. Toys (only electronic & mechanical) manufacturing
  184. Ready Made Garments/ Cotton /woolen hosiery Products (without washing / dyeing/ bleaching) and without boiler
  185. Optical frames
  186. Laboratory wares (dry process , light engg. work)
  187. Crayons (without trade effluent)
  188. Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing (Fal-G) Technology without using Kiln
  189. Waste Electronical and Electronics Equipments Collection Segregation and Storage(without Dismantling and Recycling)
  190. Scientific and mathematical instrument assembly only)
  191. Stamp pads (without trade effluent)
  192. Organic and inorganic nutrients ( by physical mixing)
  193. Organic manure (manual mixing)
  194. Packing of powdered milk
  195. Paper Manufacturing from Waste Paper (without Chemical / without Trade Effluent Discharge) in Schools & Offices etc.
  196. Repairing of electric motors and generators ( dry mechanical process)
  197. Surgical and medical products assembling only (not involving effluent / emission generating processes)
  198. Solar module non conventional energy apparatus manufacturing unit
  199. Solar power generation through solar photovoltaic cell, wind power and mini hydel power (less than 25 MW)
  200. Cinema halls/Multiplexes not having kitchen/washing facility
  201. Automobile Fuel Outlet (Only Dispensing)
  202. The Cinema halls/Multiplexes not having kitchen/washing facility for washing of serving utensils
  203. Hotel/Guest House having less than 20 Rooms without any Kitchen / Pantry/ DG set / Boiler
  204. Bio-Gas/Bio-Methanisation/Bio-CNG Bottling
  205. Information Technology Enabled Services Discharging into Public Sewer connected with Terminal Treatment Plant
  206. Warehousing

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