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Online ESI Registration in Delhi/NCR

ESI means Employees State Insurance. It is a self-financing health insurance and social security scheme which provides medical benefit, sickness benefit, maternity benefit, disablement benefit and various other benefits such as funeral expenses, free supply of physical aids etc. to the employees and their family.

Units or Establishments that have 10 or more employees, drawing the wages of up to Rs.21,000 a month are required to be registered for ESIC under the ESI Act 1948. The benefits provided by the scheme are funded from the contributions raised from covered employees and their employers at the fixed percentage of wages. At present, covered employees contribute 1% of the wages to the ESIC and covered employers contribute 4% of the wages, payable to their employees. ESI Registration is done through EAdvisors.


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ESI Registration Basic
ESI Consultation

Employers Registration

Employees Registration

ESI Registration

EPF Registration Gold
EPF Consultation

Employers Registration

Employees Registration

EPF Registration

ESI/EPF registration Platinum
ESI/EPF Consultation

Employers Registration

Employees Registration

EPF/ESI Registration

Documents Required for ESI/EPF Registration

  • PAN of authorised person
  • PAN of entity
  • Aadhaar Card of authorised person
  • GST Certificate
  • Rent agreement or Ownership proof
  • No objection certificate in case of rented
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA for Company
  • Partnership Deed for Partnership firm


Buy EAdvisors ESI/EPF Registration plan

Session with EAdvisors Expert on registration of ESI/EPF for detail discussion on nature of business entity, activity and other requirements.

Submit all the documents required for ESI/EPF Registration, Preparation and submission of application with department.

Issuance of ESI/EPF Registration Certificate.

ESI and EPF updates

ESI contribution rate revision

ESI wide press release dated 13th June 2019 reduced ESI contribution rate from 4.75% and 1.75% to 4% and 1% respectively for employers share and employees share.

ESI Survey

ESI Department through press release dated 3rd July 2019, coverage of units under esi by way of esi survey from 1st July 2019 to 30th September 2019.

List of ESI Defaulter

ESI issued list of  esi defaulter on 7th August 2019 for four years and above for Delhi Area.

EPF Contribution

The employer must deposit a total of 12% or 10% of the employee wages towards PF on or before this date every month. For most entities, the PF rate of 12% would be applicable.

Who required ESI/EPF Registration?

ESI registration is required by following establishment subject to applicability of other conditions:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants or Hotels only engaged in sales.
  • Cinemas
  • Road Motor Transport Establishments;
  • Newspaper establishments (which is not covered under the factory act)
  • Private Educational Institutions

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Who required to get ESI registration?

In an area notified u/s 1(3) by Central Govt. all factories where 10 or more persons are employed attract coverage under Section2(12) of ESI Act. Further, according to the notification issued by the appropriate Government (Central/State) under Section 1(5) of the Act, the following establishments
employing 10 or more persons attract ESI coverage.

  • Shops
  • Hotels or restaurants not having any manufacturing activity, but only engaged in ‘sales’.
  • Cinemas including preview theaters;
  • Road Motor Transport Establishments;
  • News paper establishments.(that is not covered as factory under Sec.2(12));
  • Private Educational Institutions (those run by individuals, trustees, societies or other organizations and Medical Institutions (including Corporate, Joint Sector, trust, charitable, and private ownership hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathological labs).
What are the benefit for ESI Registration?

The section 46 of the Act envisages following six social security benefits :-

  • Medical Benefit
  • Sickness Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Disablement Benefit
  • Dependent Benefit
  • Other Benefit
What is the coverage under medical benefit of ESI?

Full medical care is provided to an Insured person and his family members from the day he enters insurable employment. There is no ceiling on expenditure on the treatment of an Insured Person or his family member. Medical care is also provided to retired and permanently disabled insured persons and their spouses on payment of a token annual premium of Rs.120/- .

  1. System of Treatment
  2. Scale of Medical Benefit
  3. Benefits to Retired IPs
  4. Administration of Medical Benefit in a State
  5. Domiciliary treatment
  6. Specialist consultation
  7. In-Patient treatment
  8. Imaging Services
  9. Artificial Limbs & Aids
  10. Special Provisions
  11. Reimbursement
What is sickness benefit of ESI?

Sickness Benefit in the form of cash compensation at the rate of 70 per cent of wages is payable to insured workers during the periods of certified sickness for a maximum of 91 days in a year. In order to qualify for sickness benefit the insured worker is required to contribute for 78 days in a contribution period of 6 months.

  1. Extended Sickness Benefit(ESB) : SB extendable upto two years in the case of 34 malignant and long-term diseases at an enhanced rate of 80 per cent of wages.
  2. Enhanced Sickness Benefit : Enhanced Sickness Benefit equal to full wage is payable to insured persons undergoing sterilization for 7 days/14 days for male and female workers respectively.
What is maternity benefit?

Maternity Benefit for confinement/pregnancy is payable for Twenty Six (26) weeks, which is extendable by further one month on medical advice at the rate of full wage subject to contribution for 70 days in the preceding Two Contribution Periods.

What is disable benefit of ESI?
  1. Temporary disablement benefit (TDB) : From day one of entering insurable employment & irrespective of having paid any contribution in case of employment injury. Temporary Disablement Benefit at the rate of 90% of wage is payable so long as disability continues.
  2. Permanent disablement benefit (PDB) : The benefit is paid at the rate of 90% of wage in the form of monthly payment depending upon the extent of loss of earning capacity as certified by a Medical Board
What is dependants benefit of ESI?

Dependant Benefit paid at the rate of 90% of wage in the form of monthly payment to the dependants of a deceased Insured person in cases where death occurs due to employment injury or occupational hazards.

What are other benefit of ESI?
  1. Funeral Expenses : An amount of Rs.15,000/- is payable to the dependents or to the person who performs last rites from day one of entering insurable employment.
  2. Confinement Expenses : An Insured Women or an I.P.in respect of his wife in case confinement occurs at a place where necessary medical facilities under ESI Scheme are not available.

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