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  • License having validity of one year
  • License expired 31st March every year
  • Change in Trade possible


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Factory License

Factory License

MCD Factory License is governed by Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act, 1957 and provision of Master Plant of Delhi. Section 416 and 417 of DMC Act, 1957 requires that person should get prior permission of the commissioner in writing to establish in any premises, or materially alter, enlarge or extend, any factory, workshop or trade premises in which it is intended to employ steam, electricity, water or other mechanical power. Factory License can be obtain for confirming industrial area, DDA/DSIDC/DI Built up Auction/Allotted sheds, free hold plots, House hold category, Local Commercial Category, Relocation Scheme, Sub letting of lease hold plots and sheds.

EAdvisors is the best factory licence (MCD) consultant in Delhi. You can get MCD Factory License hassle free, easy  and in accordance with DMC Act, 1957, rules under DMC Act and Master of Delhi. 

What are the benefit of getting MCD Factory License?

Running night shift

Night shifts are allowed only to units having MCD factory license. Factory or trade must be located in industrial area and permission of commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Delhi is required.


Factory or trade can not initiate operation in Delhi until having prior permission of commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) under DMC Act.

To avoid penalty

MCD Factory License will also shield from penalty provision of Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act. Section 416 and 417 of DMC Act provides penalty provision for non registration.


We work round-the-clock to ensure the applicants problem is resolved. Check out the price table below
and choose a plan the most suitable for you.

Factory License Basic Plan
Document Collection

Document Processing

Online Application Submission

Follow ups with Department

Delivery of Factory License

Factory License Renewal
Document Collection

Document Processing online

Application submission

Follow ups with Department

Delivery of renewed License

Factory License Surrender
Document Collection

Document Processing

Online Application Submission

Followups with Department

Surrender of Factory License

Documents Required for MCD Factory License

Industrial Area

  • Lease Deed or Allotment Letter
  • Sanction Building Plan
  • Affidavit
  • Partnership Deed or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Machinery Detail
  • DPCC Consent
  • Site Plan and Key Plan
  • Process Flow

Allotted Sheds

  • Lease deed or auction letter
  • Site Plan and Key Plan
  • Partnership deed or Certification of Incorporation
  • Affidavit
  • Machinery Detail
  • Process Flow

Lease Hold Plots

  • Rent Agreement
  • NOC from Land lord
  • Allotment letter or lease deed
  • Site plan and Key Plan
  • Partnership deed or Certification of Incorporation
  • Affidavit
  • Undertaking
  • Detail of Machine
  • Process Flow

Free Hold Plots

  • Owner ship Proof
  • Site Plan and Key Plan
  • Affidavit
  • Undertaking
  • Detail of Machinery
  • Process Flow
  • Partnership deed or Certificate of Incorporation

How to get/obtain MCD Factory License in Delhi?

Discuss with the MCD Factory Licence expert team for selection a suitable plan for you. Make a payment to proceed further and get MCD license services.

Session with EAdvisors Expert for detail discussion on documents, preparation of process flow, undertaking, site plan, key plan, detail of machinery along with HP detail etc.

Submit all the documents required for License through EMAIL or WHATSAPP or physical copy, Our team will prepare and submit application with department.

We will track the status of application, Reply to query raised by department and Issuance of MCD Certificate through email or whatsapp or physical copy.

MCD Factory License updates

Trade Change

There is no restriction to make change in nature of trade. Applicant can make changes as per permissible trade of Master Plan 2021 and with permission of Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

Covid 19 Effect

MCD has extended the due date of renewal of factory licence for the financial year 2020-21. It means delay renewal charges will not be applicable till 31th July 2020.

Constitution Change

There is no restriction in change of constitution. Applicant needs to submit revised partnership deed and Memorandum in case of Company along with resolution passed by the board of directors.

Night Operation

Factories located in industrial area can operate night shift. Authorized Person of factory shall get permission from factory licence department before starting night shifts.

Why EAdvisors for MCD Factory Licence?

EAdvisors provides you facility of get MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi)  License from your home/office. You can provide all the document through email or whatsapp or physical copy to our Expert Team. EAdvisors can provide you Certificate with in approx 3-4 months.

Package includes:-

  • Preparation of Affidavit
  • Project Report and Undertaking preparation
  • Preparation of Machinery detail with HP
  • Preparation of Process Flow
  • Drafting of Application
  • Issuance of Factory License Certificate

Transfer of Factory License

Transfer of license is permissible in case death of license holder. Transfer is allowed only to legal heirs of deceased person. Legal heirs needs to submit application in prescribed format along with following documents.

  1. Previous Copy of Factory License
  2. Death Certificate of factory license holder.
  3. NOC from other legal heirs or family settlement deed duly ratified by the court.
  4. Affidavit duly signed by application in prescribed format.

Custom MCD Services

EAdvisors provide all services related with Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

  • Name change in Factory License
  • Constitution Change of Partnership firm or Company
  • Transfer of Factory License in case of death
  • Surrender of Factory License
  • Renewal of Factory License
  • Liasoning with department

New and Renewal Fee

New License

  • Once time government fee of Rs. 2000/- for granting permission under section 416 of DMC Act for conforming category and commercial category.
  • Annual Charges Rs. 80/- per annum per unit and Rs. 4 per horse power per annum under section 417 of DMC Act.

Renewal Charges

Renewal fee is normal as discussed above if renewed with 30 days from expiry of factory license.

Penalty for delay

Penalty at the 5% per month upto end to year there after penalty amount charges at double rate.

What Clients Say

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What is the validity period of MCD Factory License?

MCD Factory License is having maximum validity of 1 years.

What is the expiry date of MCD License?

MCD Factory License expired on 31st March every year.

Can i get my factory license renew on expiry or fresh license is required?

Yes, you can get your factory license renewed within 30 day from expiry of validity period without penalty.

Renewal is also possible even after completion of  30 days with penalty as per provision.

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