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GSTR-3B Return


GSTR 3B is the simplified summary return for declaring outward supplies, inward supplies, adjustment of input tax credit with output tax liability and payment of IGST, SGST, IGST, Penalties and Late Fee etc. Due date of filing GSTR-3B return (GST Compliance) is 20th of succeeding month subject to any extension of due dates by government through notification.

A normal taxpayer and casual taxpayer is required to file GST return monthly. GSTR-3B is required to be filed, even if no outward supplies or inward supplies. Taxpayers can file NIL GSTR-3B for such month.

Who should file GSTR 3B Return?

Every registered person under GST should file return GSTR-3B including nil returns.

However, the following registrants do not have to file GSTR-3B

  • Input Service Distributors & Composition Dealers
  • Suppliers of OIDAR
  • Non-resident taxable person

When can I file GSTR 3B NIL return?

Form GSTT-3B can be filed as nil return when there is no outward supplies and no inward supplies for a particular month. In following case NIL GSTR-3B return cannot be filed:-

  1. Supplies of goods or services including nil rated, exempted and Non-GST Supplies
  2. Received supplies liable to reverse charge
  3. Interstate supplies to unregistered person, composition taxpayer or UIN holder
  4. Claim or reversal of Input tax credit on purchase of goods or receipt of services
  5. Inward supplies of nil rated, exempt or Non-GST items.
  6. Payment payable as late fee or interest.

What is the late fee or penalty of delay filing of GSTR-3B?

Filing GSTR-3B is mandatory even for nil returns. Late Fee for filing GSTR-3B after the due date is as follows:

  • Rs. 50 per day of delay for normal GSTR-3Breturn
  • Rs. 20 per day of delay for taxpayers having Nil tax liability for the month

Interest @ 18% per annum is payable on the amount of outstanding tax to be paid.

GST return filing is the most important and crucial filing as the figure of GST return will ultimately becomes you financial figure for government authority, banks for loans merger and de-merger of entity etc. EAdvisors is team of expert Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Advocate and Experienced employees who helps you to make you organization GST complied to minimize government notice in future.

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