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MSME/ Udyam Registration

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Udyam Registration with EAdvisors.

Now getting a Udyam Registration is easy, hassle fee and quick, With EAdvisors Udyam expert team.

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Provide your exact requirement like your location, nature of business activity, business process etc through our contact form

Discussion with Expert

EAdvisors expert will contact you to discuss about registration process, documents required and resolve your queries.

Drafting of Application

Drafting of registration application on udyam registration portal on the basis of discussion with client and submission of application

Issuance of Certificate

Udyam Registration certificate issued by the department through email and user can also download the copy from udyam registration portal.

udyam registration


An organization will be categorised as a micro, small or medium organization on the premise of the subsequent criteria, namely: —

  • a micro organization, wherein the funding in plant and equipment or device does now no longer exceed one crore rupees and turnover does now no longer exceed 5 crore rupees;
  • a small organization, wherein the funding in plant and equipment or device does now no longer exceed ten crore rupees and turnover does now no longer exceed fifty crore rupees; and
  • a medium organization, wherein the funding in plant and equipment or device does now no longer exceed fifty crore rupees and turnover does now no longer exceed hundred and fifty crore rupees.

Composite Criteria of turnover and investment 

  • A composite criterion of investment and turnover is applied to classify a company as micro, small or medium.
  • If a company exceeds the maximum limits specified for its current category in one of the two investment or turnover criteria, it will cease to exist in that category and will be placed in the next higher category, but no company should be placed in the lower category, unless it falls below the maximum limits set for its current category in both investment criteria and turnover.
  • All units with a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) listed with the same Permanent Account Number (PAN) should be treated collectively as one unit and both turnover and investment of all these entities should be seen together and only aggregate values ​​will be taken into account when deciding on the category such as micro, small or medium business.

Calculation of Investment

  • The calculation of the investment in plant, machinery or equipment will be linked to the income tax return (ITR) for previous years filed under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • In the case of a new business, when it is subject to a previous ITR being available, the investment will be based on the self-declaration of the promoter of the business and this rationalization will end after March 31 of the year during which he files his first ITR.
  • The expression “Plant and machinery or equipment” of the company must have the same meaning as that given to the Plant and machinery in the income tax rules of 1962 drawn up in accordance with Income Tax Act, 1961 and includes all tangible assets (other than land and buildings, furniture and fixtures).
  • The purchase value (invoice) of an plant, machinery or equipment, whether purchased first-hand or second-hand, must be taken into account excluding tax on goods and services (GST), on the basis of self-declaration, if the business is a new business without ITR.
  • The cost of certain items specified in Explanation I of sub section (1) of section 7 of the law should be excluded from the calculation of the amount of investment in plant and machinery and turnover and investment data of all these entities should be seen together and only aggregate values ​​will be considered when deciding the category as micro, small or medium business.

Calculation of Turnover

  1. Exports of goods or services, or both, are excluded from the calculation of the turnover of any micro, small or medium-sized enterprise for classification purposes.
  2. Information on a company’s turnover and export turnover must be linked to the income tax law or the central law on goods and services (law CGST) and the GSTIN.
  3. The data relating to the turnover of those companies which do not have PAN will be considered on the basis of the self-declaration for a period up to March 31, 2021 and thereafter PAN and GSTIN must be mandatory.


  • Avail electricity bill, octroi duty and tax concessions.
  • Claim stamp duty and registration fees waiver & waiver of security deposit requirement for government tenders.
  • Eligible for NSIC subsidy, eligible for IPS subsidy, tariff, tax, interest and capital subsidies, patent registration, bar code registration subsidy, industrial promotion subsidy (IPS) & CLCSS (credit linked capital subsidy scheme)
  • Reimbursement on the payment made for obtaining the ISO certificate.
  • Reservation of products for exclusive manufacturing by MSME and SSI.
  • Avail exemption on Excise (EES), while applying for government tenders, under direct tax laws.
  • Exemption of 1% interest rate on Overdraft. Enjoy 100% Collateral Free loans, easy mortgages and cheaper business loans (up to 1.5% lower)
  • Preferential treatment to get licenses, certifications, approvals and registrations.
  • Protection against delayed payments, against material/services supplied
  • Special consideration for international trade fairs

Why EAdvisors

EAdvisors provides you facility to obtain Udyam Registration from your home/office. You can provide all the detail through email or whatsapp or physical copy to our MSME Expert Team. EAdvisors can provide you Udyam Registration on same day.

Udyam Registration Package includes:-

  • Udyam consultation on registration
  • Drafting of application
  • Submission of application online on Udyam registration portal
  • Update in information after registration (one time update is available)
  • Issuance of Udyam registration by government portal

Udyam Registration process with EAdvisors

Our expert will connect with you throughout the registration process

udyam registration

Udyam registration is for the benefit of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise. This registration is not mandatory but voluntarily taken by MSMEs.


EAdvisors team with discuss business activity, type of business entity, plant detail, number of employees etc

Submission of Application

On the basis of discussion with client, eadvisors team will prepare online application and submit on udyam registrtion portal.

Issuance of Certficate by Department

Issuance of Udyam registration certificate by the department.

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Factors To Be ConsideredPrivate Limited CompanyOne Person CompanySole proprietorshipLimited Liability PartnershipPartnership Firm
Ideal ForStartup and growing CompaniesSingle promotersSmall Traders and ManufacturersProfessionalsSmall business & Home Business
Requirements2 Directors/Shareholders1 Director/Shareholder1 Proprietor2 Partners2 Partners
Initial InvestmentNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Tax AdvantagesFew benefitsFew benefitsMinimalMost efficientMinimal
Limited Liability ProtectionYesYesNoYesNo
Time Taken5-10 days5-10 days2-5 days10-15 days5-10 days
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Udyam Registration FAQs

MSME is stand for micro small and medium enterprises

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